Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween was a lot of fun. Melissa and Jenna came trick-or-treating with us. Melissa was a Snow Queen and Jenna was a lady bug. Both were adorable. Emily and Lizzy did their hair and make up. They loved the pampering:) When they got home, we played some games and counted candy. Jenna was so proud of her 106 pieces, but in all honesty, it was only about 73 pieces, she just can't count very well past 29:)

Rob was here for the weekend. He drove the Avalon up and flew home Sunday. It was a quick trip but we had a blast. The girls were thrilled to see him. Cameron missed him tons. We played games, showed him around the property, listened the Utah game and went to church. We were all so glad to see him. It made me miss Jocelyn a ton.

We got rid of our apartment in Utah on the 31st. Just in time for them to pay rent. It was an enormous blessing. We couldn't have done it without Rob and Jocelyn's help showing the apartment and carrying the burden and stress of it.

We are happy, healthy and doing really well. We love you all.