Saturday, May 30, 2009

Long time no post... Get ready for LOTS of pics:) The weather has been gorgeous here so we are having a blast outside. Cam LOVES it outside. He loves Rogue and Riken (the dogs) and the cat. He can't get enough. Tons of waterskiing, BBQs, parks, etc.

Benny...first time on the boat. It was so gorgeous! He went tubing but I couldn't talk him in to skiing :(

Emily and Liz on the tube.

Lizzy is getting really good at skiing. Can't say I'm surprised but I am very impressed! A girl after my own heart....

Cam cam and Grandpa. Best buddies. Cam lights up whenever Grandpa comes in. He loves to just hang out. He gets offended if Grandpa walks past him without saying hi.

S'mores anyone? Our friends Kathy and Conner were camping and they invited us out for a BBQ. It was tons of fun. Cam had his first s'mores and loved them. We played games and went to the park right across the street from the campsite. It was a beautiful evening. Tons of fun.

First time in a hammock. It doesn't look like he's having fun but he could not stop laughing. It was so stinking cute!

Standing man! kind of. He's getting there. He loves to try. He walks along the couch and stands for about 10 seconds before he gets too excited and tips or collapses. He sure does try though.

He had to have Mom's hat :)

I guess life is more fun if you are IN the toybox. So here he is

Talking all the way home. Always talking...and always happy, almost.