Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Here's some new pics...

Cam was trying to take over while waiting for the doctor. It was so cold in there and they told us to keep his clothes off. Too bad they didn't tell us it would be SOOOOOO long. I'm not sure what I really expected.

Cam is really a Daddy's boy. He tries to do EVERYTHING he sees Ben do. It is so cute. He tries so hard with the weights that we're afraid he'll get a hernia. It is so funny to watch him try though. If will power could move it...he would.

Sometimes I lay a small pile of Cheerios on the bed for him to eat and he decides to stick his face in it. It's not a one-time deal that he's got Cheerios all over his face. Lol

Speaking of Cheerios. He's such a dork. Look how lazy he is trying to eat them off of his stomach. I don't remember how this really happened, but it was pretty awesome. He was super-tired :)

Never as happy as when in his stroller, even if he's not going anywhere...

I gave him a muffin...I have no idea what I was thinking, but at least it cleans up easily.

Wrestling with Dad


Cam climbs now... on everything. There is a drawer under his crib and that is one of his favorite places to climb into and he'll just sit there. I was cleaning in the other room and I heard a panicked cry. I ran in and saw his legs stuck. It was hilarious. Needless to say, I ran and got the camera.

He loves his "bob-bob" PJ's.

Nothing exciting I know, But I thought that I was WAY overdue for posting something. Ben is busy with Work and School and I am just enjoying my time with Cam. He's growing up so fast! We are really looking forward to a trip to Utah over Valentines Day weekend. It will be Ben's first time back since we moved. I on the other hand will be making my 3rd trip with Cam in 3 months. Blah, but it will be a lot easier with Ben, and we do get to fly home, so hopefully it helps only driving one way...I'll post more pics, I have a TON.