Monday, February 28, 2011


So Cameron thinks it is the all time greatest thing to have a brother of his very own.  Sawyer thinks Cameron is the funniest person on the planet.  Needless to say, they get along.  Here are some pics of my growing boys!


Sawyer is starting to sit up… there are better pictures i’ll put up in a minute. 






My studious little Cameron





Cameron is OBSESSED with Debbie’s cat Paige






Just to show you that we really look nothing alike…I don’t think at least.  Sawyer is even less.













Cameron can navigate my phone as well as I can.  Now he thinks that EVERY electronic is touch screen so we have tiny fingerprints EVERYWHERE!!!!












Massaging or strangling…hmmm






Wild parties yield embarrassing photos:)

Dad’s Wedding

For those of you who didn’t know, Dad and Debbie were sealed in the Portland Temple on January 29th. Rob, Jesse, Chris and Cameron all made the insanely long trip to be here for it. We had a blast with them here. They stayed at our place and they were champs. It was ridiculously crowded and everyone had a great attitude. Just to be clear I’ll name everyone that stayed here for two nights. Rob, Jesse, Chris, Cameron, Emily, Liz, Ash, Ben, Me, Cameron and Sawyer. Yup. 11 people in our tiny two bedroom place. There were people sleeping everywhere. Lol. Poor Jesse even ended up on the Kitchen floor where he FROZE half the night only to move over by the entry way where there was only enough room to curl up like a sad little potato bug L Like I said. Everyone was great about it and we had so much fun. Thanks to Jocelyn and Rachelle for lending us your husbands!!!! Wish you could have been here.





Late night Big Booty..Rob is Big Booty as always!


Cam and Emily playing Ball at Debbies




Jesse and Liz look hungry!


Jess, Liz, Emily, and Chris


Ben, Cam Rob, Cam, Ash, Jess, Liz, Em, and Chris


Potty Training

So, Cam is potty trained. Whew! It was a CRAZY 3 days. I did the 3-day boot camp that Jocelyn gave me. I waited til Ben’s week end, stocked up on under-roos (as cam calls them), and dug in my heels. Just so you know, I was certain that It would fail. He seemed too young, he showed no interest, but I was determined to give it a whirl. For half of the first day he was completely clueless. He had no idea why I was picking him up and RUNNING him to the toilet. He really enjoyed putting his wet underwear in the washer and saying “EWWW! Sicky!” The second half of the day was better and he started to get it. He only wet the bed once and that was my fault. He was calling me in the morning and I didn’t get there quick enough. It doesn’t sound stressful but it was. On the upside, Cameron and I haven’t had that much fun in a very long time. Ben took Sawyer for the whole three days and I never left Cameron’s side. We played and read books and laughed. We had a lot of fun together.




Ummm…Christmas next I think

Christmas was a ton of fun this year.  Everything is getting more fun with Cam growing up.

Cameron, Melissa and Jenna came from Utah and we had so much fun spending time with them. We spent the night over at Dad’s on Christmas Eve so we could join in all the festivities and be there for opening presents in the morning.

We had a hard time not spoiling Cameron. It’s so hard with only one kid. He’s only two. He didn’t need much so we tried to limit it…not to mention we have toys coming out of our ears. We only took a few to Dad’s cause I didn’t want to haul everything there and home the next day. His aunts were very nice and let him rip open their presents as well :)

So, one thing that was pretty special was Sawyer’s Blessing. Ben blessed him at my Dad’s house on Christmas. It was just Ben, Dad and my brother Cameron. I loved it. It was so small and personal. Very cool. I wouldn’t mind blessing all of our kids at home.

Oh yeah, I chopped off my hair and have never been happier!

Here are some Thanksgiving/Christmas/Blessing pics




He stole a candy bar out of ben’s stocking and ran upstairs to eat it.  When I found him instead of taking it away, I ran to get the camera…Lol THEN I took it away


Cameron thinks it’s his full time job to SHOVE the binky in Sawyer’s mouth every time he drops it…Sigh.




Cam hates when Sawyer is sleeping and pokes him till he wakes up to play


Ashlyn and Sawyer. 


Cam and Jenna playing DS early morning


He is not quite ready for a bike yet but he wanted one SOOO bad and I couldn’t help it







I have no idea what my think with Sepia was this month.  Sorry they are ALL this way..Wow


Debbie got Dad a BYU football in his stocking…LOL

Halloween 2011

Halloween is starting to get fun now that Cam is getting older.  He’s just getting the hang of it and although it makes him nervous, he’s adorable!

We went to the trick or treating downtown Corvallis and he looked so confused the entire time and just STARED at all the costumes.

This year he was the Karate Kid…or A Karate Kid… He was sooooo excited.  He wanted to wear his costume all day long and kick everything.  He just kept saying Hiya! and Goku…If you don’t know who Goku is, be glad. If you do, just know that I am not the nerd, my husband is (well, he is the nerd in this case)


The pumpkins were scary





This one is one of my favorite pictures ever :)

Sawyer got to wear “pumpkin bum” this year.  I can’t believe it was Cameron in that outfit two years ago!


Dad Emily Liz and Ash came over for our festivities.  We had a ton of fun.  Ashlyn took Cameron Trick-or-Treating It was funny. He was distracted by every decoration and pumpkin and doorbell.  Bless his heart.



Emily and Cam


Liz and Sawyer


Fun Fall walks


Cam looks like he’s gonna punch me in the face:) Followed by a time-out I’m sure.  Karate not such a great idea yet!