Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Saturday, January 10, 2009


We went to the coast today. It was Ben and Cameron's first time on the beach. Ben planned on swimming until we got into the water. Oregon beach is COLD! It's fun to look at and maybe wade in, but swimming in January is out of the question. I was pleased when he changed his mind. No need to take a detour to the hospital for a severe case of hypothermia!

Cameron, on the other hand, did not enjoy the beach. I bundled him up in everything I could find but his poor little nose stayed cold. He couldn't figure out what was supposed to be so fun about it. He definitely didn't like the diaper change in the stroller...but it was better than in the sand or wind! Not many options but we make do.:)

Dad brought kites and Emily was a pro. Chaz brought a shovel and spent hours digging. :) No one was surprised.

We lucked out though. It hit 50 degrees today in Newport. The sun even came out for a while and we barely recognized where we were. Had a blast.