Sunday, February 26, 2012

What’s new with us?

Let’s see.  I think that the last time I posted was in…September.  Whoops. 

Cameron is now 3 1/2, Sawyer is 17 months and we are COUNTING DOWN the weeks until nursery.  YAY!  Actually, that was a lie.  Ben is counting down until Sawyer goes to nursery.  He’s the one who takes him while I am crazy busy in Primary.

I suppose that I should announce that we are expecting a little girl in June.  SOOOO excited.  I cannot go into a store without drooling over everything pink and fluffy.  Judge me. 

Ben was accepted to University of Oregon so we are looking at a move to Eugene (an hour south of where we live now.)  He starts in a month or so but it will be summer before we move, depending on finding housing.

Eugene is where Dad and Debbie live and it will be so nice to be close to family again.


Cameron all cuddled up (rare form)


Here he is blowing his secret identity



Ben and Sawyer



Sawyer is obsessed with sitting in buckets.  Also obsessed with making messes.  He found his own little heaven by dumping out the diapers and sitting in the small box I keep them in downstairs.