Wednesday, August 25, 2010

35 1/2 weeks!

Well, it's been a while so I really should give a decent goes.

I am currently 35 and 1/2 weeks pregnant. YAY! Everything has been going VERY well for myself and the baby. We have been very blessed. We are getting really excited here towards the end. We are still trying to teach Cam about the baby, but he is confused on several levels. 1. When I ask him where Sawyer is, he pats my stomach 1/3 of the time, Ben's stomach 1/3 of the time, and his own 1/3 of the time :) Close enough I guess. 2. If I am less specific and ask him where the baby is, he will point to the nearest child under 12 years old. Apparently that qualifies. 3. I've been sorting through his old clothes, washing and folding etc, and he finds the smallest newborn clothes we have and attempts diligently to put them on.

Ben and I are a little less confused and mostly nervous about the jump from one kid to two. I feel nervous about how Cam will react and how we will love another baby as much as him. I know it is possible, but it sure doesn't seem like it. I think I am more nervous about this baby than I was about Cameron. Well, no going back now LOL!

Having Ben out of school for the summer has been AMAZING! I can't believe that I'm going to have to send him back in a month. It doesn't help that his classes start the day after Sawyer's dues date. And since I have full confidence that I will be late, that's kind of depressing.

We've had a busy busy month! We stayed out on my Dad's property for a couple of weeks while they were in Utah which required many trips back and forth between church, doctor's appointments, school registration etc. Ben and I were released from the nursery which made me REALLY sad. We loved our 8 little boys. :( Ben was called to be the President of the Missionary Committee and is sooooo excited about it and I was called to the Primary Presidency....hmmmm I guess the timing is never really convenient...and I am really enjoying it.

Jenna, Melissa and Ashlyn (my three youngest sisters) came from Utah and got to stay with us for a little while which made Cam the happiest little boy in the world! They spoiled him rotten!

About a week later, my Mom came into town and helped me get the boys room decorated and organized..Whew. I was not looking forward to doing it alone and could NOT have done it without her. Again, Cam got spoiled, but this time, so did I :)

Ben's brother Cameron (confused yet? we'll call him Cameron Michael) came to visit and stayed for about 5 days. Ben was in heaven. He's really been missing his little brother and we had a blast with him here. It was a long trip for him to make alone but we are SO grateful that he did. THANKS CAMERON!!!!!! Did I mention that he spoiled little Cam too?

Needless to say, after all of our visitors had gone, I was left with a little boy who could NOT be satisfied with the time and energy I had for him. Finally things are getting back to normal.

Cam's birthday is coming up fast (September 4th) and we are looking forward to it. I cannot believe that he will be two years old. I honestly cannot believe how time flies!!! That means we are coming up on our 2 year mark of moving to Oregon. Wow. Hard to believe.

Let's see about some pictures....

It's been a pretty good summer but we've had a few weeks that were HOT. Cam enjoyed running around with no clothes on and eating popsicles :)

He couldn't eat his popsicle fast enough so it melted EVERYWHERE. Luckily he was already in water :) Our little pool was so sad. We don't really have any way to fill it up in our backyard so the first time Ben and I filled it up with pitchers from the sink :) Took forever as you can imagine, and we barely went to the first ring. Later our neighbor got a hose and let us use that...thank goodness!

Cameron has no interest in food whatsoever at the moment. Okay I lied, he does like a few things...Popcorn, Oatmeal, Frosted Mini Wheats and spoonfuls of peanut butter. What a strange child. Here he is chillin with his popcorn.

There are a couple of things that make him feel super cool. #1 When he has his hands in his pockets. I've never seen him so proud as when he found out that he had pockets. #2 Grandpas sunglasses. Not on his eyes, but on top of his head. I don't even know where he learned that?! #3 I don't have a picture of it, but he loves to wear Ben's hats backwards. He just struts around the house like he owns the world.

Here he is showing off his big boy bed...He is a very proud little boy.