Friday, April 3, 2009

My little guy was being SO funny this morning. He was laughing like this for like 5 minutes before I grabbed the camera. He really is a good natured kid all the time. We're extremely lucky!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Always playing catch-up...

Okay...I haven't posted anything in forever because SOO much was happening, which means I have that much more to catch up on. This will be a long one so HANG ON:)

March was a CRAZY month. Ben, Cameron and I were sealed in the Portland Temple on March 17th!

It was amazing. Having grown up in Oregon, this one is my personal favorite. It is so gorgeous.

It was such a special experience. One we'd looked forward to for a while. Words can't describe the feelings and emotions we experienced. Cameron was so handsome! Our friend Kathy made Cam's little outfit. It was perfect! We're lucky to have her. It was a REALLY long day (plus Portland is an hour and a half away) so I was terrified that Cam would be a mess and scream the entire time. Nope, he was perfect. Cooed once as he was being sealed to us but otherwise just looked around a lot.

Here are some pics...

Like I said Cameron was an angel which was impressive, because by the end, I was exhausted.

Ben's parents and sister were there, my parents and Rob, Jocelyn and Jesse came. Most everyone had to travel a long way to be here for it which was hard but we were so glad they came.

Callie, Ben's sister, had JUST gotten home from her mission in Maryland. We knew of each other from working at Copper Hills Youth Center but this was the first time I really talked to her. It was really great that she was able to be there. Timing was perfect.

This is Callie and Cameron. Cam, of course, has drool ALL over his chin...

Rob, Jocelyn, Rylee and Jesse came too! This was my first time meeting my little niece Rylee. She is sooooo funny. Too many pictures. I'll do a slideshow.

PLUS Ashlyn, Melissa and Jenna got to come for a week so Cameron was spoiled beyond belief. Here is a bunch of pictures of my sisters.

This is gettting REALLY long. I'll stop now. Pretty crazy month but it was so much fun.