Friday, September 10, 2010


It's official; I have a two-year old. It's really hard to believe. Time passes so quickly. We went on a hospital tour the other day which brought memories of Cam's birth flooding and I swear it was NOT two years ago. Feels like months maybe. He's growing up so fast! Okay, really I just thought that I would post some pictures of his big day.

So, his birthday was on a Saturday but we did his party on Sunday so my dad and sisters could come. It was so much fun. Ben and I had a blast making his cake. We decided that instead of a cake, we'd do more of an Oreo dirt cup thing...but we made it into a cake sized pan and did graham crackers and vanilla Oreos on the bottom for sand and vanilla pudding with whipped cream, cream cheese and bananas in it, then decorate the top with gummi sharks, swedish fish, lobsters, chocolate rocks, etc. I overdid all the fish and stuff but that's exactly why he loved it. He was sooooo excited by it and ate tons of it. He kept pointing at it and yelling, "FISH! FISH!" Ben helped him blow out the two little candles (thank goodness.)

He really enjoyed being a spoiled little boy. Out of all of his presents though, one of his favorites was the leftover wrapping paper?! What a dork. So I taped it up and it became his sword and he yelled "hi-YAH" hitting everything in sight.

We got him a little Leapfrog Laptop due to his OBSESSION with our laptop. He carries his "puter" all over the house and makes sure he puts it in the diaper bag when we go places. It has a couple volume settings and I always try to inconspicuously place it on the lower setting, but he ALWAYS knows and turns it up as loud as it goes. He turns on the music and dances til it's time to turn it on again. He's learning his animals too. He likes to bzzzzzzz like a "bum-bee."

Here's my extremely handsome husband :)

Emily, this is what you get for taking a million pictures of yourself with someone else's camera :)

Lizzy looks just like Maria from the Sound of Music when she's singing really high notes!

Ashlyn :)

So that's pretty much it. I have lots of videos but I won't bore you with those. Thanks to everyone who came!! Mom Melissa and Jenna, thanks for sending him Super Why!